Mandatory Damp Squib Post

OK, the hyperstitional dynamics of 2012 excitement didn’t deliver many fireworks. Vauung’s Lair better find something else to be, rather than a 2012 hype blog.

Digging through a non-event isn’t that enticing right now, so a few disjointed reactions will have to suffice:

(1) Lying Demon B******s, you promised … (Never believe a silvery-voiced hyper-smurf, but we all knew that already, didn’t we?)

(2) This camouflage stuff really works! (Crowley insisted until his dying day that the earth was destroyed by fire in 1904.) Secret apocalypses kind of violate the genre conventions, but that’s OK …

(3) At least the end of the end of the end happened exactly on time …

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Right on Schedule

‘End of the World Gate’ in Timbuktu Destroyed in 2012 – So, now what happens?

From the examiner

“Legend says that the main gate of Sidi Yahya mosque would not be opened until the last days of the world. It is interesting to note that the gate should be opened (destroyed) in 2012 – year of so many “end time” prophecies.”

The article is firmly neutral on the implications.

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ghost river

Have been dipping tentacles into Yi Jing recently (prompted by an invitation to do a project in Silicon Valley/ valley of heart’s desire)- it has been sending a lot of ghost river and limping, as well as a POV called Guan or Kuan (working with two different books). I don’t know how to numagramm it- what numagramming would do or say- but curious.

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Numogramming the Yi Jing

Northanger started this — It’s just a place for comments right now.

(Post content pending)

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